Ravalli County Search & Rescue

Training Requirements

Training Requirements
Last Revised Dec 23, 2019

Full Member training requirements
New members will be on probationary status as Trainees until they complete the following

  1. Introduction to RCSAR Policies
  2. Introduction to Communication policies, procedures, and equipment use
  3. NIMS IS 100 online course (Incident Command System training)
  4. NIMS IS 700 online course (Incident Command System training)
  5. SAR Tech III (NASAR online or in house course)
  6. Introduction to Wilderness Navigation
  7. Introduction to Technical rescue safety and procedures
  8. Introduction to Water rescue safety and procedures
  9. Introduction to Avalanche awareness and safety
  10. Online ATV Safety Course
  11. Online Snowmobile Safety Course
  12. Attend at least 6 general meetings the first year
  13. Participate in at least 4 field trainings the first year
  14. Participate in at least 4 missions the first year
  15. Participate in a minimum of 10 combined trainings & missions
  16. Completion of SAR modified version of FS Moderate Pack Test within first 3 months
  17. Been a member of RCSAR for at least 12 months
  18. RCSAR Pack Test (required for field deployment on missions)

Once full member status has been achieved, to maintain "Active" status, members must attend a miniumum of the following withinn the last 12 months:

  • 6 general meetings
  • 4 field trainings
  • 4 missions
  • Total of 10 combined missions and trainings

Full and Active member status will be required for any of the following roles

  • SAR Board Member
  • IC
  • Ops Chief
  • Field Team Leader
  • Specialty Team Leader
  • Voting
  • Outside Trainings

Members who have achieved "full" member status but do not meet the requirements of an "active" member can respond to calls. Their level of involvement, like everyone else, will be at the discretion of the IC, Ops Chief, or Team Leader.

Additional certification and/or training options

  1. Level 1 Avalanche course (this is a 2.5 day class)
  2. MLPI (managing lost person incident) course
    Required to become an IC
  3. SRT (swift water rescue technician course)
    required for members of swift water rescue team.
  4. Introduction to ELT operations

To take IS 100 or IS 700 independant study classes go to training.fema.gov. Click FEMA independant study, then click NIMS Courses, then scroll down to IS 100 or IS 700.

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